My Mission

Hi! I’m Michele. I am running for Sumner County Commissioner, District 2, which includes Portland and Mitchellville.  If we have already met, you know me as extroverted and outspoken. I have a passion for helping others be heard, which is what has fueled me to run for this office.  As commissioner, I will lend my voice to the people of Sumner County to continue the fight for strong schools, solid infrastructure, & fiscal responsibility for our communities.

Run For Something Endorsement

Government doesn’t have to be confusing and overwhelming. It can be exciting and rewarding. We simply need good two-way communication. Imagine if you had someone fighting for you. Imagine if you had open communication with your representative. Imagine if you knew someone was listening. The truth is, you don’t have to imagine. I will listen, be an effective and open communicator, and allow your wants and needs to be heard and communicated.

I am a life-long resident of Sumner County, an active member of the Democratic Party,  and have a vested interest in our children’s education, the well being of teachers and school employees, and planning for growth while preserving our green space. I will be a champion for Sumner County’s 14,000 veterans and their families, and I vow to strengthen support for the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition to fight the opioid crisis. I will strive to insure we all have equal opportunities and access to available programs and amenities.  Each of us has a story to tell, and they all deserve to be heard.



More Campaign Kickoff Fun


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