For the Love

Welcome to my blog! Over the course of the last few years, I began my health and fitness journey, became a nutrition coach, ran for public office, and became an entrepreneur. (I lost weight but also lost the race. It’s all good, though. A ton of positives came out of my campaign.)

The blogs posted here are from those experiences and include recipes, fit tips, inspiration and articles to create awareness and spark advocacy. Moving forward, I plan to just write about any and every thing I feel like sharing.

I’m currently a husband to Ronnie and mom to 6-year-old Lylah Jane and 2-year-old Cooper with a passion for volunteering and overbooking myself. I believe in the good in the world and hope to always be a beacon of positivity. I run a small business, Harbin Hollow, where we create handcrafted, all-natural products with health and wellness in mind such as elderberry syrup, superfood preserves and more.

Here’s my whole world: Ronnie, LJ and Coop

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Instagram: @mh_thislittlelight

Twitter: @michele_harbin

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