Love After Loss

You know, sometimes you just have to remind yourself not to take yourself too seriously.


It’s after midnight, and I’m in an extended stay hotel outside of Augusta, Georgia typing by the light of the flashlight on my iPhone in a pull-out sofa bed with one kid in the bed with me and the other in the portable crib beside me. My husband is in the other bed alone trying to fight off the sickness we so kindly delivered him all the way from Tennessee.

It is just days after the county commission election in which I loss, but after a few days of good ole R & R, it is confirmed I have no regrets. I am proud of the race I ran and am choosing to embrace the many wins versus the one loss. I ran a dynamic campaign that spanned across various media outlets and included grassroots efforts. I made an unbelievable amount of new like-minded friends. I registered and brought out new voters. I openly addressed the issues. I energized a new base, and most importantly, I stayed true to my values and my beliefs.

Because the campaign was so positive, I decided to turn my website and Facebook page into a place to share community updates and positive vibes. I’ll be slipping in reminders that Democrat is not a cuss word, so I can’t promise there won’t be a political presence, but I can promise it will all be for the LOVE!

Please, for the love, follow me!

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