Every Vote Counts

This short video explains the importance and impact of just one vote using actual results from local elections.

Local city, county, and state elections are decided by the popular vote, not the electoral college used to elect the president of the United States.

Example 1-Sumner County Commission Race, November 2014

Three candidates competed for two seats. Candidate 1 received 495 votes, Candidate 2 received 491 votes, and Candidate 3 received 391 votes. The race was decided by only 100 votes.

Example 2-Portland, TN Board of Aldermen Race, November 2016

Five candidates competed for four seats. Candidate 1 received 1983 votes, Candidate 2 received 1888 votes, Candidate 3 received 1650 votes, Candidate 4 received 1641 votes, and Candidate 5  received 1621 votes. The race was decided by only 21 votes.

You see?! Your voice matters! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Vote Harbin, August 2, 2018! Want to help get me elected? DONATE

Need to register to vote? www.govotetn.com

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