Keep Smiling

This picture represents so much. It appears so cheerful and full of joy, which we are full of, no doubt. But when you look closer, there’s only three of us. My husband is not in the picture, and this leaves us feeling quite empty some days.

He travels a lot for work, and his next trip will keep him away for 10 weeks! It is so hard knowing he misses holidays, field trips, and all sorts of “firsts” for the kids, like Lylah’s upcoming first day of kindergarten or Cooper’s first steps. In situations such as these, I have to pray for peace, strength, and understanding for all of us and to trust His plan is always greater.

I awoke today immensely grateful for the new church family we were able to worship with shortly after I took this picture yesterday. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for us as our relationships at McKendree UMC continue to grow.

This is only a season, and hopefully, we will soon be able to make adjustments so he’s home more. Until then, we’ll keep smiling and taking tons of videos and pictures, even if we do have to use the timer on the phone since there’s no one here to take the picture.

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