What is a County Commission?

Government can be confusing and overwhelming. Since announcing my candidacy, I’ve had so many people ask me what a county commission is, what commissioners do, and how they are elected.

Check out this short video explaining:

A county commission is a group of elected officials who govern a county. They work in committees: budget, education, highway, general operations, emergency services. Think about your emergency medical services, roads, schools, libraries, and parks.

Sumner County has 12 districts. Each district has two commissioners. They are up for re-election every four years. Voters can vote for any two commissioners in the election.

Not nearly as complicated as it sounds, right? Now that you are informed, insure you are registered to vote and check your voter status at www.GoVoteTN.com.

Know more, vote more! It’s YOUR VOICE, OUR COUNTY.


1 thought on “What is a County Commission?

  1. Love this! Thank you for educating us. Makes a lot easier to vote when you know what you are actually voting for!

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