Pita Pizza

Craving pizza? I got you! Kids bored? This recipe is a great one to get them involved in the kitchen. It’s a perfectly balanced meal made on whole wheat pita and clean pizza toppings.

What you need:

Whole Wheat Pita

Favorite toppings such as:



Turkey Pepperoni

Black Olives

Italian Seasoning


Olive oil


Take the whole wheat pita, (I freeze and cook from frozen), and top with your favorite, clean pizza toppings.

Bake in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 7-10 minutes.

That’s literally it! This pizza satisfies any cravings and gets the family involved. We love having BYOP (Build Your Own Pizza) Night!!

Pepperoni with black olives, jalapeƱos, and Italian seasoning:

White Pizza with olive oil, Italian seasoning, spinach, tomatoes:

Cheese pizza for my 4 year old Lylah! Her 8 month old brother even ate some!!

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