Water, water, water

Water has many functions and is a crucial part of being healthy. To name a few, water:

-helps regulate our body temperature

-flushes wastes out of the body

-lubricates joints

-cushions the brain and spinal cord from jolts

-helps digest our food, from the saliva in the mouth to the gastric juice in the stomach

-transports broken-down nutrients, such as carbs and protein, to cells throughout the body via the bloodstream

Drinking enough water is something I have been struggling with the last few weeks. I simply forget to drink it when I am home. When I was working in corporate sales, I kept a big cup with me all the time, at my desk and in my car, so I was always refilling it. It is harder to remember to drink water in the colder months, too, because we just aren’t as thirsty!

First, you need to calculate how much water in ounces you need each day. Take your body weight and divide by two. That is how much you need in ounces. For example, I weigh 121 pounds, so I need 60.5 ounces each day. Now, find your favorite cup, determine how many ounces it is, and divide by that number. That’s how many times you will need to fill up!


Infographic source: PBS Learning Media

Did you know you should start your day with at least 8 ounces of water?? This will kickstart your system by boosting your metabolism, balancing your lymph system, purifying the colon, increasing the production of new cells, and making your skin glow.

I have to take my thyroid medicine, (I’m hypo), first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before I eat, so I keep a cup in the bathroom, and before I even pee, I fill it up and chug it with my one small pill. (Which is currently the ONLY medicine I take!) I do this most days, and in addition to the benefits in the graphic below, it curbs my appetite, so I’m less hungry throughout the day, and it gives me a natural jolt until I can have my coffee. It’s no replacement for my coffee, ha, but it helps!


Mater Morning

Infographic source: Visual.ly

A big part of being successful at getting healthy is to be intentional, to have a plan, to prepare, and to be purposeful. That goes for drinking water, too!

Drink it in the morning to stimulate your system, before meals to aid in digestion, before a shower to lower blood pressure, and a glass before bed can prevent a heart attack.


Infographic source: Healthy Food House

There you have it, folks! Water, water, water! Be intentional and drink up.

Cheers to being fit! -Michele

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