Breakfast of Champions

Let’s talk about breakfast and why it is important to eat SOMETHING in the morning.

The #1 problem with skipping breakfast is, if you do, by lunch you are “starving,” and you make bad choices at, what is now, your first meal of the day. By skipping a healthy breakfast, you are putting your body in a nutrient deficit right out of the gate. This is why so many people are iron, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, and vitamin A deficient. Without a healthy breakfast, you don’t get all you need. You don’t get cellularly full.

A recent study reported by TIME, “concluded that because chronic inflammation is known to affect insulin sensitivity, skipping breakfast could contribute to “metabolic impairment,” which could potentially raise the risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes.” So, reason #2 for eating breakfast is to reduce your chances of developing diabetes.

Reason #3 is your body simply functions better in the morning. The same researcher, (Courtney Peterson from the University of Alabama), went on to say, “Your metabolism and blood sugar control are better in the morning than they are in the evening and at night, so it makes sense to eat more food earlier in the day.”

I could go on and on, but you get it! According to the Washington Post, “studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and concentration, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight.”

I choose breakfast!! Below is an infographic with some great healthy combos!

quick breakfasts

Infographic source: Paper Blog


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